Texas DPS Arrests 112 Illegal Aliens, Rescues 19 Unaccompanied Children over 5 Days Last Week

Texas DPS arrested 112 illegal aliens and rescued 19 unaccompanied children last week over a 5- day period (May 20th to May 24th) in Maverick County, Texas. While the Biden regime is letting people pour into the US under open borders, Texas DPS is actually trying to keep their state safe.

The illegals are from Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.


& (5/20 – 5/24)

5/20: 30 arrests for criminal trespass, including 24 males & 6 females.

5/21: 27 arrests… pic.twitter.com/B5Y5MXqpqh

— Chris Olivarez (@LtChrisOlivarez) May 25, 2024

The Texas DPS has been dealing with many different situations. Last week they assisted the Border Patrol in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Helicopter footage shows illegals scaling the border wall while illegals threw bottles, rocks and dirt at the Border Patrol.


NEW: Video from a @TxDPS helicopter shows Border Patrol agents in Santa Teresa, NM, trying to stop smugglers & illegal immigrants from scaling the border wall w/ a ladder, as they have rocks, bottles, & dirt thrown at them while trying to make apprehensions. TXDPS bird assisted. pic.twitter.com/NK0ukNZG7s

— Bill Melugin (@BillMelugin_) May 23, 2024

Earlier this month, Texas DPS released footage of an illegal alien plunging a truck into the Rio Grande and swimming back to Mexico.


BIDEN’S BORDER CHAOS: Texas DPS just released footage of a criminal plunging a truck into the Rio Grande River and fleeing to Mexico.

Biden’s weakness is allowing Mexican cartels to develop “advanced” operations along the southern border. pic.twitter.com/7Vm9R4NRBs

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 10, 2024

Earlier this month, the Texas DPS also arrested 29 illegals from a stash house in Webb County, Texas. They were from Honduras and Mexico-one illegal was part of the “Tango Blast Gang.” The troopers turned them over to the Border Patrol.


5/15: @TxDPS Criminal Investigations Division received information about a stash house in Webb County.

DPS Special Agents and Troopers discovered 29 illegal immigrants,… pic.twitter.com/TRfs501YnD

— Chris Olivarez (@LtChrisOlivarez) May 18, 2024

Since 2021, 10 to 12 million illegals have entered the US under the Biden regime.

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