Fiorentina in mourning, Davide Astori died

Italian football is not only shaken by news that nobody would have ever wanted to give. Davide Astori passed away at the age of 31. The defender and captain of Fiorentina , who had just renewed the contract until 2022, would have accused an illness in the night inside his hotel room.

The match at the Dacia Arena between Udinese and Fiorentina, scheduled for 15 today, has been officially postponed to a date to be allocated, as well as all the other races of the 27th day . Damiano Tommasi , president of the Association of Assocalciatori , had asked  Malagò and Fabbricini  that the day was postponed and his appeal was accepted:decision is official.

According to the first reconstructions of the incident, Astori, who had never had problems from the physical point of view, this morning did not show up for breakfast and did not answer the calls. The player was in the room alone and therefore could not ask for help. To find him a purple masseur who had the room opened by the hotel staff: at the news the whole team burst into tears. It was a tragic fatality, Fiorentina in incredulity immediately got in touch with the family members of the player and then made the news official.

The player’s body was transported outside the hotel, the team was with him until the funeral home arrived and now Astori will be taken to the hospital for exams. The first hypotheses speak of cardiocirculatory arrest , but they are still to be confirmed. Astori leaves a companion, Francesca Fioretti, and a two-year-old daughter, Vittoria. Florence proclaimed the city’s mourning for the day of the funeral.

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