KB Toys Reveals It’s Back In Business

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It seems the KB Toys comeback is really happening, and they’re looking to change the way you buy toys.

Strategic Marks LLC founder Ellia Kassoff previously announced that KB Toys is set to make a big return, filling a void that Toys “R” Us seems to be leaving as it closes its doors, and is teasing what fans can expect when it relaunches from their new Twitter account.

“We welcome everyone to our official twitter account. KB Toys is back in business. Stay tuned.” That message was followed by a promise that the new streamlined retailer will be innovating the way customers buy toys, saying “We are going to change the way you buy toys online. Get ready for this comeback.”

In the original announcement, Kassoff said they’ve analyzed why the original KB Toys failed, and have a plan to addresses those weaknesses in the current market.

“Many of you asked what our plans will be and all we can say is we spent the last six months working on a sustainable model to bring back KB Toys the right way so it can compete with not only the big box stores but on-line as well,” Kassoff said.

“Our umbrella, Strategic Marks, LLC has been very successful bringing back many of the most popular products and companies over the last ten years because we follow a very strict formula; [To bring back the experiences we loved as a child, just as you remembered them]. With #kbtoys, we had to also look at why they initially failed and to make sure those mistakes won’t be made again. Now, with the closing of @toysrus so quickly, it caught us by surprise so we’ve spent the last few days with our team and leaders in the toy industry to figure out how we can accelerate the project so our stores can open for the Christmas season. When we’re ready, you will be very happy with the results and we believe our model can withstand both on-line as well as other large competitors for not only the short-term but long-term as well.”

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