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Quarter-finals of the 2006 World Cup football. Portugal-England face-off. There was also the heat of the World Cup, much more was discussed about the match between Manchester United’s two teammates Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. Before the release of the red card, the English Forward fought with Ronaldo. Even the Portuguese winger had beaten Porteri Winger In the national team, the heat of the fight or did it for a long time. The faces were closed or they were closed.

That time was not too much. Otherwise, Ronaldo could not play with Rooney for three years before writing to Real Madrid. There are many other examples of fighting club squads with each other in football. There is also an example of the national team teammates making a fight to fight or blah blah blah blah blah. It can be said about Halo Luis Suuares and Diego Guden. Two performers in Uruguay’s Jersey, but Barcelona-Atlético Madrid have seen many matches in the fight.

Football is the fight of the teammates more than seen in the sport. That’s not absolutely in cricket, it’s not. However, the teammates have not been able to fight because the club cricket is still not so high. But with the Indian Premier League (IPL) stage, Cricket World saw it a couple of times. Dwayne Bravo – Kieron Pollard or Harbhajan Singh – Sreesanth had a fight.

As soon as they got involved in their fight in the field, the national team or club at the same time, they had put themselves on their shoulders with the success of the team. Here is the beauty of sports. Tomorrow’s enemies can be friends today. Mahmuullah and Thesara Perera, whose shocking proof

In the last few days, Cricket is the world’s biggest news-Sri Lanka match. After the match of the Premadasa stadium, Bangladesh’s ‘fierce enemy’ is now the Sri Lankans. The same is the case with Sri Lanka. It is clear in India-Preeti viewers of the Nidhaus Trophy final. However, this ‘hostility’ is probably limited to ordinary viewers. Where is the effect of the players? Four days ago, the final was not played in the home field against the team, the blitzkrieg in exchange for a heated exchange, with the players of that team, Thesara Perera took the field as a team-mate.

Pakistan’s Super League (PSL) Mahmudullah and Perera – both teams quetta gladiators. They left PSL to play in the Nidhaus Trophy, after the tri-team tournament, two of them joined PSL. And here is the real beauty of cricket. ‘The fight ended in the field’ – Mahmudullah-Perarara standing side by side with a smile on the face of the great evidence of the words that the players have always given.

In the undeclared semifinal of the Nidhaus Trophy, Bangladesh won two wickets in a dramatic win against Sri Lanka. Mahmudullah’s dream is broken in Chakkate What was meant to be the excitement of that chakkara before and after, was all there and love was in love. With the help of Kushal Perera, the words of Nurul Hasan and the controversial decision of the umpire to stop playing!

At the end of the match, Mahmudullah took Bangladesh to the final in the final match. After the match, victory over Nurul-Kushal’s fight with victory came with fame. At one stage, Nurul was involved in contradiction with Perro. After the heat conditions of players in the field, it is again found that broken door glasses in the dressing room of Bangladesh. Together with all the facts India got double support in the final. The hosts had come to the field to support Sri Lanka in the previous match and in controversial situations, to give India support.

The excitement that the players will be back in the encounter with the audience will again come back to the excitement. But for now all closed. Mahmudullah-Perera is now the best friend Both goals are now the quartet of victory. All the debates, heat, pushing one side of the fight, so that the victory is 22 yards. Tomorrow’s enemy becomes friends today. That’s cricket, this is the beauty of sports.

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