Biathlon: Martin Fourcade wins his seventh big globe! … Relive the sprint of Tyumen …

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Martin Fourcade is the leader of the Biathlon World Cup

Sprint World Cup 10km Men
1. Fourcade
2. Destin
3. Lindstroem

Come on, that’s all for this live friends. Thank you for having followed with us, long live Marti Fourcade, long live the snow, long live France, blah, blah, blah. Ciao!

4:13 pm: Martin Fourcade has gathered the seven crystal balls, remains to know what he will do. And it is on this cultural reference that we will lower the curtain.

16:07: Ole Einar Bjoerndalen in the rearview mirror! Fourcade has one more crystal globe than the legendary Norwegian. For Olympic medals, however, it may be complicated.

16:05: After many checks; we can say two things.

1) Martin Fourcade won his seventh crystal globe this afternoon !!!
2) He also wins the little sprint globe at Johannes Boe! Forrrrmidable!

15:55: While waiting for the official announcement of the title of Martin Fourcade, know that we are on a game project around biathlon, it’s called My Little Carabine.

3:49 pm: Martin Fourcade has not come off the podium this season in the World Cup. And there are only two races left.

3:47 pm:  “Tonight is a lot of pressure that falls tonight. It’s a great reward tonight, “says Fourcade on L’Equipe.

3:44 pm So a priori Martin Fourcade won his seventh big crystal globe, we wait for confirmation of the official channels!

3:42 pm: JOAHNNES BOE IS ONLY 13th! The double podium for France!

3:40 pm: And finally Lesser will not pass in front of Desthieux! The snow has deteriorated and the German has already lost 17 seconds ahead of Desthieux!

3:38 pm : We wait for the arrival of Johannes while Tarjei Boe just arrived far behind Fourcade.

3:34 pm: 21 SECONDS ON THE STANDING SHOT! Johannes Boe was tremendously caught on his second shot even if it will be insufficient.

3:33 pm:  Aie, aie, aie … Lesser will pass in front of Desthieux unless she loses 17 seconds on the skis at the end of the course. Let me doubt this scenario.

15h30: Desthieux always second for a few hundredths before Lindstroem … It is caliente for the second place!

3:28 pm:  The seventh globe is therefore a quasi formality for Fourcade with the cracking of Johannes Boe who must now reduce the damage for the pursuit.

15h26: The France of the rifle is doing well … Guigonnat also makes a perfect shot. As the legend Bjoerndalen rises.


3:22 pm : It really starts to smell very good for the crystal globe. Not only is Boe forced to pull out a psychopath race but he will have to get rid of Fourcade on the pursuit. In other words, mission almost impossible.

3:21 pm But … but ..? HUGE FOURCADE! It takes more than 30 seconds to Simon Desthieux, while the latter is for now the second best time on skis. Indecent.

3:19 pm:  It starts to feel good for a top 5 of Desthieux since Rastorgujevs bows of two seconds and points to the second place! And why not the podium?

3:16 pm: Simon Desthieux provisional leader!

15h13: 10/10 FOR MARTILIIN !!! Yesss! GO LAAAA !! Johannes is going to have a huge pressure!

15h12: Go Martin on the standing shot …

3:11 pm:  Rastorgujevs made a clear fault on the standing shot, a world collapses … He passes before Desthieux.

15:09:  Pouaaah the standing shot that just took us out Shipulin … The guy went on a deer hunt. 5/5 in about fifteen seconds to break everything.

15:08: YES SIMON! The sans-fauuuute! Desthieux can aim a top 5, go my little one, go!

15h07: Simon Desthieux on the firing point for his second shot …

15:06:  Fourcade has been very long on his shot but is so strong on the skis that he is first after the shot. What a man.


15h: The machine Rastorgujevs on the shooting. THE world champion in recumbent shooting. Except that he is catastrophic on the standing shot, which has roughly cost him an excellent career.

14:59: YES THE MISCONDUCT OF DESTHIEUX! And Fourcade who goes to the first inter ‘in mind, best time on skis.


Hello In some article, they say that in some cases, Martin can be champion of Thursday (with the withdrawal of two good performance)

>> After perso I was bad at maths from high school so here, calculations, all that.

14h57: Here we go for Martiiiiiin !!!

14:55: A fault for the young French … Too bad his shot had started well. QFM shares in the wake.

14:54: Jacquelin is gone on the skis and shows up on the shooting …

2:51 pm:  Desthieux is on track too. We are approaching the bib 21. Go, we’re hot there!

2:49 pm: The big question is about snow today. Is it powder? Is it American snow? (Rest assured I do not understand what I’m writing here).

2:45 pm: Let’s go for Jacquelin who starts this sprint. For the anecdote, know that we just looked where Tyumen was and it is absolutely lost in the middle of Russia.

2:44 pm:  Martin Fourcade will wear the number 21, he will leave just after QFM, which, with a little luck, will finish his sprint after Johannes Boe, bib 61.

2:40 pm: Come on, let’s go for the live potos. Emilien Jacquelin will leave first. Number 1 bib for our hope of biathlon.

A little reading before the start of the race, what do you think? It’s a gift. 

We are like all of you. As we approached the end of the season, the calculator was released to see if Martin could become world champion for the seventh time in a row following the Tyumen sprint. We will disappoint you, but no. The Frenchman will only count “111 points” ahead of Johannes Boe if the very, very, very optimistic scenario (victory + 41st place or beyond for the Norwegian) occurs. Now, it takes 120 to conclude. But hey, the stakes are huge, because the sprint is the favorite race of Johannes, and we should be careful not to put the Norwegian in good shape before the pursuit tomorrow

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