Nomi Is a Tamagotchi-Like Digital Pet for Your Apple Watch

Nomi for Apple Watch

Nomi is a cute creature available as a digital pet for Apple Watch, which you can hatch and grow by feeding it with food created from exercise and movement.

The idea behind Nomi is similar to Tamagotchi. You hatch a digital creature, feed it regularly to keep it happy, and watch it grow and evolve. Stop feeding Nomi and it might die. As Nomi evolves, his food requirement grows, which means that you have to walk more to keep it well-nourished.

Here are the gameplay mechanisms as provided by the developers:

  • Fill the heart-ring with your steps and exercise
  • Once a heart-ring is full, tap it to feed your Nomi
  • Feed your Nomi before all 3 of its hearts run out
  • Try to keep your Nomi alive for as many days as you can!
  • Survive for long enough and your Nomi will continue to evolve!

Because people are staying indoors nowadays due to the virus situation, the developers behind Nomi released an update to reduce the number of steps required to feed it. The number of steps also used to increase daily but they only increase once Nomi evolved.

If you were one of those kids who had always wanted a Tamagotchi but never got your hands on one, Nomi is an excellent app to have on your Apple Watch. It is a brilliant execution of the old digital pet idea, re-imagined for your wrist. The design and animations are really well done and show that the developers put effort into the app. The app costs just $1.99, and we highly recommend it as a quarantine time-pass.

To buy Nomi, simply open the App Store on your Apple Watch and purchase it. It is a standalone watchOS app and does not require a companion iPhone app. If you buy the app from your iPhone, you will have to go to the App Store on your Apple Watch, and open Purchases to download it.

Download Nomi for Apple Watch

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