This ITX Case Is Mind Bending And You Can Build It Yourself!

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The Mini ITX Case is one of the more fun parts of the compact system configurations. There are a litany of options from insanely large ITX cases all the way to some that are so small you can’t fit the power supply inside the case with the motherboard. If you’re into the custom case scene then you might be familiar with the Hydra Mini, and no that isn’t some small rival to Captain America. The Hydra Mini is a pretty unique open air case for ITX systems but has the ability to hold a graphics card on the backside with a PCIe extension cable. But that’s not what we’re here to discuss today, this is all about a homebrew effort by Jerome that took a similar approach and allowed for a more simple installation and support for a standard ATX PSU. Did we mention that you can build it yourself?

Jerome took the plans to build himself a small form factor PC with the intention of content creation, 3D modeling, photo editing, and CAD work. He mentioned some light gaming but that was an afterthought for him in this project. His project not only came out successful and quite beautifully designed, but he also made it available on for everyone who wanted to build it themselves. The word he put into designing the case along with the files and designs for the 3D printed accessories for it could have been easily transformed into a possibly lucrative venture, but it’s all out there for the world to enjoy.

If you’re curious about the specifications he used you’ll find them in the full writeup in the instructable link, but you’ll find the 3DMark scores and a short list of parts on the EVGA Modrigs page.

For those interested in building this case but lack their own CNC machine or 3D Printer then fear not. In the linked Instructable article links to a service that will laser cut the case for you with the included files, how generous is that! But you’ll need all of those parts and the ability to tap your own holes for assembly and maybe a 3D Printer or someone with one willing to help you out with the few parts you may need to print. And, the most fun part of this being 100% custom and having access to the files allows those out there with the skill (or time to learn on their own) can modify this to fit their own needs. I’m considering scaling this down to fit just an ITX motherboard and use an SFX power supply and have some fun. Kudos to Jerome for making this ITX Case available to greater custom PC and Modding community.


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