The only problem with ‘Indian Matchmaking’ is that it doesn’t live up to your fantasies

The only problem with 'Indian Matchmaking' is that it doesn't live up to your fantasies

In the two weeks or four years since Indian Matchmaking debuted on Netflix (I just checked: It’s 10 days), I have watched my fellow South Asians do what we do best: Rip it apart.

The Netflix reality show follows Mumbai matchmaker Sima Taparia as she takes on various clients looking to settle down. It has been called casteist, colorist, regressive — all the adjectives my generation of allegedly progressive Desis use to describe things we criticize or reject about our culture. It is being maligned, in short, for doing exactly what it meant to: Presenting a multifaceted depiction of Indians around the world through the lens of our collective obsession: Marriage. Read more…

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