Twitter is now adding a controversial ‘hacked materials’ warning label to tweets

Twitter is now adding a controversial 'hacked materials' warning label to tweets

“These materials may have been obtained through hacking,” reads the disclaimer affixed to a tweet linking to a story from independent news outlet, The Grayzone.

Leaked files show Reuters’ & the BBC’s role in covert British Foreign Office programs to effect “attitudinal change” & “weaken the Russian state’s influence”

They were joined by intel contractors and outlets like Bellingcat.@MaxBlumenthal investigates

— The Grayzone (@TheGrayzoneNews) February 20, 2021

The tweet was originally posted on Feb. 20. However, three days later, users began to notice the label added to The Grayzone’s tweet. (It is not yet clear when exactly the label appeared.) Furthermore, readers discovered that an extra step was added when trying to retweet posts linking to The Grayzone’s story: A pop-up appeared reiterating the warning label and asking users to “help keep Twitter a place for reliable info.” Read more…

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