Facebook wants to make an Instagram Youth — but the youth aren’t so sure they want it

Facebook wants to make an Instagram Youth — but the youth aren't so sure they want it

People under 13 can’t sign up for Instagram because of federal privacy law, but that doesn’t actually stop most kids from signing up. Lying about your age online is an easy thing to do! 

But Instagram says they have come up with a solution — that might also get some other kids interested and engaged at an earlier age. They’re looking into creating a platform called Instagram Youth.

“There is clearly a large number of people under the age of 13 who would want to use a service like Instagram. We currently do not authorize them to do that,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at a congressional hearing in March. And it’s true: According to a report from the nonprofit Thorn, 40% of kids surveyed under the age of 13 already use Instagram. Zuckerberg’s solution is to create an Instagram for kids, called Instagram Youth, with extra parental controls. We don’t know a ton about how the new platform would actually work, and so far, it’s just an idea. But it’s an idea many people consider to be bad.  Read more…

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