How Australia can reset the war on Covid

At its heart is one simple objective: getting the nation vaccinated.The government needs to get on a war footing to secure more doses. And today the country’s top doctors and scientists unite to urge Australians to get the jab, arguing Covid-19 is more insidious than the rare side-effects of our vaccines.HOW WE MUST GET OUT OF VACCINE SHORTFALLWHERE WE COULD BE MAKING PFIZER JABS RIGHT NOWThe front page outlined the campaign with the following words:The pandemic is beating Australia. Lockdowns and fear – not vaccines and hope – are winning. We are fed up with petty politics, finger-pointing and division.This is a war against a deadly, invisible enemy. We will not win it unless we get serious and on the same page. No more promises. It’s time to get the jab done.The Daily Telegraph Editor Ben English said Australia “cannot afford disunity.”“Australia’s battle against the deadly virus is getting “dangerously bogged down by politics and blame games,” he said.“This is nothing short of a war so we ordinary Australian, businesses and governments need to unite against this common foe. “NAT – Stay Informed – Social Media

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