Noctua Announces New CPU Coolers for Intel’s LGA4189 Xeon Platform


Noctua has released four new CPU coolers and even released a separate mounting kit for Intel’s LGA4189 platform; these coolers include NH-U14S DX-4189, NH-U12S DX-4189, NH-U9 DX-4189, and NH-D9 DX-4189 4U, offer the ability to create incredibly quiet high-end workstations. These CPU coolers are currently available, with a price ranging from $29.90 up to $119.90 for the higher-end coolers.

Noctua Introduced four new CPU coolers for the Intel LGA4189 socket and a mounting kit for TR4-SP3 CPU coolers

The four announced CPU coolers offer dedicated CPU coolers for Intel’s LGA4189 socket, and these four CPU coolers offer a wide variety of use cases due to their size, with the smaller coolers being ideal for compact PC cases and the larger ones being optimized for tower-style cases to create much quieter workstations.

Source: Noctua

“DX line CPU coolers have become a default choice in premium grade quiet cooling solutions for Intel Xeon processors,” says Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “The latest revision for LGA4189 comprises 14, 12, and two 9 cm models, covering anything from spacious workstation cases to 4U rack-mount servers.”

The larger CPU coolers, the NH-U14S DX-4189, and the NH-U12S DX-4189 feature a size of 14 cm and 12 cm, respectively. These larger CPU coolers are ideal for tower-style PC cases and can create incredibly quiet workstations, while the two smaller CPU coolers, the NH-D9 DX-4189 and NH-U9 DX-4189, are designed for compact workstations as well as 4U class rack-mount servers. These smaller CPU coolers feature a dual-fan design to ensure outstanding performance compared to the larger CPU coolers, which use a single fan design.

In addition to these CPU coolers, Noctua has also announced a new mounting kit that allows Noctua DX-3647 and TR4-SP3 series coolers to be easily installed on the LGA4189 socket.

All of these CPU coolers are currently available from Noctua’s official Amazon stores, with the NH-U14S DX-4189 at the retail price of $109.90, NH-U12S DX-4189 having a price of $119.90, NH-U9 DX-4189 featuring a price of $109.90, and NH-D9 DX-4189 4U having a price of $109.90. The NM-i4189 mounting kit is also currently available at the retail price of $29.90.

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