Snap epic 2-way action videos with this innovative camera

This camera works in rain, snow, sand, and dust.

TL;DR: Capture every moment with the Rexing A1 Two Way Action Camera for $198.99, and as of Aug. 27, score a bonus $10 credit with purchase.

Ever been on an excruciating hike, where you wanted to give up and turn back, but toughed it out for the absolutely breathtaking view at the end? On an adventure that intense, a snap or two of the view on your phone’s camera just doesn’t do it justice. You want to remember the uphill battle you suffered to get there, not just the end result. That’s where this innovative two-way action camera really shines.

With the option to record front and back or side-to-side simultaneously in 1080p, you can capture the most epic videos of your adventures with the Rexing A1 Two-Way Action Camera. You’ll get to relive experiences through two unique points of view, which will serve as a great reminder that it’s all about the climb (cue the Miley Cyrus tune).

The action cam is IP65 water-resistant, so you can use it for live-action activities and adventures in the snow, rain, sand, and dust. And you can turn on and off recordings with a simple one-touch button. Even the included remote control, which allows you to switch between video and photo mode, is splash-proof. 

See it in action:

When you connect to the Rexing Connect app, you’ll unlock a whole boatload of other features and modes, like Time Lapse, Photo Burst, Photo Timer, and Slow Motion. Plus, with a bundle of unique accessories (which are also compatible with GoPro), you’ll be able to capture legendary footage from practically every angle. It records up to four hours with the built-in battery before needing to be recharged, plus you can upgrade the memory to store up to 256GB using a MicroSD card.

You can snag the Rexing A1 Action Camera for $198.99. And for a limited time, when you spend over $50, you’ll get a $10 credit added to your account within 14 days to spend on all sorts of other products for an active lifestyle.

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