Save 20% on a decorative home outlet extender with USB compatibility

Power up all your tech in style.

TL;DR: Bring a little spice to your outlets with this GlamSocket Decorative Multi-Outlet, on sale for 20% off. As of Aug. 29, grab one for only $27.99.

The GlamSocket Decorative Multi-Outlet not only helps protect your electrical outlets, but also extends them so they can power up more gadgets. It even acts as a phone holder, so you can keep your phone in place as it charges.

Plugging in this extender into your regular home outlet will give you three grounded A/C outlets, so you can plug in three devices at one time. There are also two 1A USB ports at the bottom, so you won’t need to purchase extra wall bricks to charge USB-powered devices.

The GlamSocket also features a surge protector built right in. If you’re ever worried about your devices overheating, it even has an indicator light to let you know it’s functioning the way it should.

Take a closer look:

Normally, the GlamSocket Decorative Multi-Outlet Protector, Phone Holder, and Extender retails for $34. For a limited time, however, you can save 20% off of the total retail price and take it home for just $27.99. There are five different decorative designs to choose from so you can get the one that best suits your home’s aesthetic.

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