A FedEx driver said he wouldn’t deliver to homes with signs showing support for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or BLM

FedEx said that the driver was no longer working for the company.

  • A FedEx driver said he wouldn’t deliver to supporters of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, or Black Lives Matter.
  • FedEx said he no longer worked for the company, and that it was “appalled” by the video.
  • The driver claimed he quit, and that the video was from his last day at the company.
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A FedEx delivery driver said in a video posted to TikTok that he wouldn’t deliver to homes with signs showing support for President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, or the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

FedEx said that the driver was no longer working for the company, but wouldn’t say whether he quit or was fired. The driver said he quit.

In a video posted September 16, Vincent Paterno said he would also ignore houses that “don’t have a flag in front,” seemingly a reference to the American flag. He would bring packages he didn’t want to deliver “back to the station,” he said.

In a comment on the video, Paterno said: “There’s actually a lot of us doing this but I’m the only one posting.” He didn’t provide any evidence for this.

Some TikTok users said Paterno’s actions could prevent people from getting access to medical deliveries. Paterno replied, “medical supplies have priority no matter who you voted for.”

Paterno was wearing a FedEx polo shirt in the video.

A spokesperson for FedEx told Insider the company was “appalled by the behavior depicted in this video, which does not reflect the views of FedEx.”

“This individual is no longer providing service on behalf of the company,” they said.

Some media outlets reported that FedEx fired Paterno after the TikTok went viral. But in a separate video posted on Sunday, Paterno called this “fake news.” He said that he quit his job, and showed text messages that he claimed were between him and his boss. The texts appeared to show Paterno announcing his plans to quit.

Paterno said that September 16 – the day he posted the initial TikTok video – was his last day at FedEx. “I didn’t know I could get fired when I didn’t work there anymore,” he added.

When asked by Insider whether Paterno quit, the FedEx spokesperson said that the company “[doesn’t] discuss the particulars of personnel matters.” Paterno didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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