Wccf Talks Gaming Official Podcast – FIFA is a Predator, Avengers is Dead and Sony are Stupid

Here at Wccftech, we not only write about games, but we also talk about them too. This is the official Wccf Talks Gaming Podcast archive. Feel free to bookmark this page as we’ll be posting all our weekly gaming podcasts here and if you miss one? Well, you’ll be able to find them quickly here along with links to the audio-only version for those who want to hear, but not see us.

FIFA is a predator, Avengers is Dead and Sony are Stupid [Episode 55]

Tokyo Game Show, Konami and New World [Episode 54]

Nintendo Blows its Load and Everybody Has a Game Store [Episode 53]

NVIDIA GeForce Leaks & Activision-Blizzard Attack Employee’s Rights [Episode 52]

PlayStation 5 Reveals the Future and Epic vs Apple [Episode 51]

China Cracking Down on Games & Sony Have Huge Announcements Coming? [Episode 50]

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