Burbank’s surprising cell mate in WA prison

According to former TV personality and podcaster Sam Newman, Burbank spent his three months in a WA prison with the feared crime boss.Burbank, the owner of Prahran venue Morris Jones, was freed last month after being penalised, along with his friend Mark Babbage, for illegally entering WA to attend Melbourne’s drought breaking premiership win.“He was pretty shell-shocked and miffed by the whole thing,’’ Newman said. “He doesn’t shy away from the fact he probably deserves a penalty, but you cannot believe what’s going on on this planet.”Newman revealed on his You Cannot Be Serious podcast that he had caught up with Burbank in Melbourne and he had shown remorse for his actions. He still has charges pending in the Northern Territory.“They put him in jail for three months,’’ he said. “This is Mark McGowan, the Premier. “What an insignificant low IQ moron is Mark McGowan to put a bloke in jail when you have a look at what’s going on with the Omicron and Covid.“He said he was put in a cell with the head of the biker gang, the Comancheros. He was in a cell with him.“Fancy putting a man in jail for three months for sneaking across the border.”Newman said he hoped tennis player Novak Djokovic stays on and wins the Australian Open. “This is another example of how Djokovic is pointing out how absolutely corrupt and stupid the world has gone, I couldn’t back that man any more (than I do),’’ he said.“I hope he rips the living suitcase out of the tennis and takes the trophy home and the $3m that goes with it.“Thank god someone has the balls to say this is nonsense and this is crap. “Half of Europe is going to get Omicron so what does that mean, we close the whole planet?“It’s embarrassing to be part of the planet at the minute.”

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