‘Disappointed’ Dom ‘shocked’ by Hillsong

Dominic Perrottet said he was “incredibly disappointed” after seeing the footage of the camp which was held near Newcastle.“It certainly wasn’t in the spirit of the rules … these rules aren’t there for the sake of it,” Mr Perrottet said.“I think everyone would feel completely frustrated and shocked by what they saw last night, we don‘t want to see this happen again.”Mr Perrottet, who is a staunch Catholic, said that he hoped Hillsong would “ensure that doesn’t occur again”, and wouldn’t rule out a fine for the church group.“My view is if the legal teams believe that it was in breach of the public health order, my expectation would be that a fine would be put in place by the police force,” he said.It comes after Australian Senator Jacqui Lambie unleashed a scathing rant aimed at Hillsong over the video. It’s understood organisers of the Wildlife summer camp were ordered to shut the camp down after being told the event is in breach of a public health order banning singing and dancing at major recreation facilities.On Friday morning Tasmanian senator Lambie weighed in on the incident, slamming the church for letting the event go ahead and declaring officials should “teach them a lesson”.“This is a music festival no doubt … Newcastle had a superspreader go around from a nightclub, what is the difference, because they don‘t have a drink in their hand? Are you kidding me,” Ms Lambie told The Today Show.“These people, Hillsong, should be slapped down today, to be fined. Nobody gets anything special through Covid, nobody. This has got to stop.”Daily Telegraph – News Feed latest episodeShe added: “I tell you what, give them the fines, issue them, teach them a lesson once and for all. Just because you are Hillsong, you are not special.”Singing and dancing is banned in hospitality, entertainment and major recreation venues under the current Covid rules, with the maximum penalty for breaches $11,000 (and six months imprisonment) for an individual, and up to $55,000 for a corporation.In a statement on Thursday, Hillsong insisted the camp followed “strict Covid procedures” and adhered “to government guidelines”.“These events are our annual high school aged youth camps, and are not similar to a music festival in any way,” the church said.NED-5192-DT-App-Banner

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