MAFS star savagely hits back at critics

The 28-year-old teaching student, who lost her job as MAFS was airing, was this week finally handed back the keys to her Instagram account which was being managed by production while the show aired. She wasted no time issuing a statement of her own.Olivia kicked off by explaining how she interprets what it means to hold a grudge, after declaring multiple times during the series that she’s a “petty b*tch” who “holds grudges.”“FYI my interpretation of ‘holding grudges’ is to cut out people that are toxic to my life,” she explained.“Not seek revenge or put energy at all towards them. It’s perfectly acceptable to not like people. It’s perfectly acceptable to not allow certain people access to you.“I’ve never wasted my energy on people I don’t like. Hence why I sleep amazing at night xxx.”The comments will no doubt confuse viewers, given Olivia admitted to googling her rival bride, Domenica Calarco, and leaking her nude OnlyFans image among the MAFS contestants.Olivia found the image after the infamous glass-smashing incident during the couple’s retreat, when Domenica broke a wine glass on the table during their argument.Olivia also made multiple snide comments when Domenica attempted to apologise, which her TV husband Jackson Lonie pulled her up on several times.Her declaration she sleeps well at night comes off the back of comments she made on the No Filter podcast late last month, in which she talked about her poor mental space.“I’m at the point now where I’m trying to get up off the floor … I’m at rock bottom, and I’m trying to get up,” she told podcast host Mia Freedman.“And every time someone messages one of my loved ones something awful, I feel like I’m getting kicked back down. I’ve had death threats sent to my personal phone number … And I’ve had many on Facebook.“It’s not just the show – if it was just the show, we could all just laugh and say, ‘Yeah that’s not Liv’s character, that’s a different story,’ but it’s the public believing it … it’s just the shock.”She also emerged in a disturbing video earlier this month, which was posted on The Wash’s Facebook account, in which she told the unidentified interviewer behind the camera she wanted to “throw herself off the balcony” during filming.“You said that as a joke, right?” the male interviewer can be heard asking. “That’s a very strong thing to say …” prompting Olivia to backtrack on her statement.“Yeah, but I was like … seriously distraught. I was not suicidal, but I was that upset,” she said.Despite their rocky time on the experiment, Olivia and Jackson, 30, were spotted engagement ring shopping in Sydney’s affluent Double Bay this week.Olivia was seen trying on a $100,000, 5-carat sparkler, before the couple left the boutique with a shopping bag.

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