Halo Infinite Season 2 Launch Has Been “Bumpy” Admits 343 Amidst Latest Round of Backlash

Halo Infinite

It seems Halo Infinite just can’t catch a break. Following backlash about a lack of new Halo Infinite content, 343 Industries finally launched Season 2, which has sparked a whole new set of complaints. This time around, much of the blowback has to do with 343’s decision to remove various advanced movement techniques and some advantageous points on maps that only expert players can get to. The implication of the complaints is pretty clear – 343 is trying to dumb down Halo Infinite by removing high-level techniques. While some may be fine with that, the most dedicated, loudest players aren’t. There have also been issues with rewards not tracking properly in the new Last Spartan Standing mode and a number of gameplay-related glitches, including one causing semi-auto weapons to jam.

Well, it seems 343 has heard the complaints (how could they not) and Halo Infinite creative head Joseph Staten seems to indicate the removal of high-level techniques will be walked back.

Meanwhile, 343 community manager John Junyszek promises 343 is already working on reward tracking issues and the gun jamming bug will be addressed soon.

It kind of feels like Halo Infinite and 343 can’t win at this point, with some in the community intent on jumping on any perceived issues with maximum outrage. Of course, Microsoft isn’t giving up on Halo Infinite any time soon, so hopefully, 343 can get the community back on their side eventually.

Halo Infinite and the latest Season 2 content are available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It’s unknown when a patch for the issues currently firing up the fanbase will arrive.

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